Looking for a way to transform your office and become a more productive business? You’ve come to the right place!
Here are our tips on transforming your space.


Chairs, desks, and lockable pedestals are all supplied here at Cubo which provides a great foundation to your new office. Personalisation’s can come in the form of glass frosting to a height of your choice along with your own adaptations and storage. Members at Cubo often find cleaver way to incorporate storage solutions into their office through use of the floor to ceiling wall space and using the glass surrounds as their whiteboard. No need to venture into a meeting room or pull out the 6ft flipchart at Cubo, whiteboard pens can be used directly on the glass walls. Meaning you can have a brainstorming session on the spot, promoting collaboration amongst your employees and making the most of those creative moments.


Large windows on our private office floors and our co-working spaces. One of the great things about our offices is that the glass frosting is completely customisable and adds that element of privacy without compromising the natural light. There really is a beauty of having an office in the city central location but with the luxury of abundant natural light, making your space feel welcoming on even the most gloomy of days.


Real or fake?! The choice is yours. Plants adds a natural colour to your office and can help brighten up your workspace in a professional way. The colour green has also been associated with creativity and productivity. Want a way to encourage employees to feel motivated when at work? Plants may be just the way to personalise your space and create a hub of productivity.


Use our spaces as inspiration. We are all about creating collaborative spaces here at Cubo that encourage connections between businesses and people. With your private office, this can be just the same! Take a look around and see how other businesses have personalised their spaces. Whether that’s adding a company logo, bringing the corporate colours into the room or the desk layout for better collaboration – first hand experience really is useful! Positioning of the desks can be a real game changer when done right, as always we are always on hand to advise and guide you, but the general rule is to position the desk in an accessible point to the door, but with a view to the window.


You know your business and how you work best, so adapt your space to how best suits you, there are no rules!

For further information on how a private office at Cubo can work for you, then get in touch or visit our contact us page.

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Published 13th May 2021


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