If a flexible work style is your goal, then these are the tips for you.

We believe the work you do should encourage and support your lifestyle. Cubo offers a range of co-working spaces, hot desks and private office memberships across the East Midlands and Yorkshire. We want to provide you with the best possible space to work in that suits you and your business needs.

1. Get your morning routine down to a T

This does not mean getting up at 5am everyday to get as much done as possible, it means having a routine that works for you. Whether you like to go for a walk before you start work, have a sit down with your coffee or simply spend time with family. The time before you open your laptop is yours to enjoy. Allowing you to get your day off to a good start by doing something for yourself.

2. Set small goals

Setting smaller, achievable targets reduces the risk of being overwhelmed by your workload, which ultimately resorts in procrastinating. Small changes create long lasting habits. Write down what is it you want to achieve. Think about what is your big goal, then break this down into smaller steps of manageable 10 minute or so tasks. Working smarter rather than working harder is the key to a successful work routine with higher focus on the end goal.

3. Prioritise

After you have written a list and assigned a time to each task, order them in priority. Listing your tasks in order of importance gives them more clarity and a reason for doing each task, instead of using your time on low-value tasks. It helps you get things done on time and prevents stress from tasks building up close to a deadline. Procrastination only holds you back, so prioritising your workload grants more opportunities to achieve your goals with the time it frees up. Who would not want that? Prioritising gives you more time to think and plan.

4. Remove distractions

Creating a calm quiet space for your office can be the essence of productivity and an amazing way to help you concentrate. Working alongside other people and surrounding yourself with productivity, such as in our co-working spaces, can improve your focus. Another good tip is to block out times in your diary when you have a specific task to do. That way colleagues can see from your calendar you are busy and avoid calling you at that time. You could also turn your notifications off for a set amount of time so you know you can focus on the task in hand. Removing distractions is an ongoing process and it requires you to pay attention to the things that affect you in order to have a more productive and distraction free space.

5. Brain food

The food we eat contributes to more of our mental, physical, and emotional health than we may realise. A complete health transformation is not a necessity but by adding in some healthy brain boosting foods to your daily diet, helps you to be mindful of how you can improve your concentration and productivity at work. Things like oily fish, dark chocolate, blueberries, and coffee are all a part of a healthy diet focussed on increasing your concentration.

6. Organisation is key

The key to reducing stress is to plan out your day or week. There are only so many hours in a day so along with all these tips, it’s important to be aware of the time you are spending on each task. Multitasking may be the biggest culprit of reducing your concentration, being focussed on too many things at once can lead your mind to wander and actually take you longer to complete the job than if you did one task at a time. If you feel you have a lot to get done in a impossible timeframe, then make a to-do list and see which of those tasks you can delegate to other members of the team. Keep in mind that things can change at the last minute but having an overall plan will allow you to focus on the task that needs completing at that moment. Setting your goals and giving your week or day some structure will help keep you on track and in a focussed mindset.

7. Break up your day

Vary the tasks you do, have a change of scenery, or plan a different type of activity to break up the day a little. This will help keep your mind engaged and target the creative mindset that so many jobs require. Sometimes monotonous days mean we lose focus, get tired more easily and lack concentration, ultimately resulting in tasks being done with little thought or mistakes being overlooked. Adding more of a variety into your day, within the means that you are given, is a great way to increase your productivity. The great thing about our offices and co-working space here at Cubo is that it allows you and your business to find the best environment that works for you.

8. Prep your space

As much as you would lay out your running shoes the night before a big run, setting up your workspace the night before will mean you have less things to think about in the morning. This might mean having a bottle of water in the fridge ready for when you leave or setting the aircon, so you have a cool room to work from. However this may look for you, preparing your space the night before is a game changer. Whether you are working from home a few days a week, in the office full time or prefer a more relaxed co-working environment, pick a space that works for you and keep it separate to your home life.

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Published 28th May 2021