Adtrak are a marketing and brand agency based in Nottingham and have recently taken office space at Cubo Nottingham with 30 desks on the first floor.

They were kind enough to speak to us about their move to their new office space.

What does Adtrak do?

Adtrak is a multi-award-winning full-service agency, working collaboratively to maximise the digital potential of clients in the UK and overseas.


What industry or sector do you work in?

As a full-service web design, marketing, and branding agency, we work with businesses across the UK. We even work with some in the USA! Through a range of services including web design, SEO, PPC, branding and more… Our goal is to help businesses maximise their digital potential and achieve profitable lead generation/revenue online.


Where are you based/where have you moved from?

Based in Cubo Nottingham with Account Managers across the UK, we recently moved from Chapel Quarter, just down the road on Maid Marian Way.


Who are your clients or target audience?

Any UK business that is looking to grow their business online to attract more leads and revenue. We work with all types of businesses, from small-to-medium businesses (SMEs) in the service industry to national e-commerce companies.


Why the move to Cubo?

With the move to flexible working, we want to give our employees the best office experience we can, and for us, it makes sense to use a shared office space with a mix of environments. Cubo ticked all the right boxes.

How will moving to Cubo help your business?

Our people are our best assets, so by using Cubo, we give them more flexibility in where and when they want to work, creating a happier team. Choosing their work environment between the communal space or our private office to work for the day, as well as giving our remote colleagues the choice to work in any of the other Cubo offices throughout the country, is fantastic.


Where did you hear about Cubo?

Whilst researching new premises for Adtrak, one avenue we explored was the shared office environment. Cubo is by far the best one we have seen in Nottingham. The communal floor and community environment really stood out to us.


Why did you choose an office with Cubo?

Within Adtrak, we always put our clients first, and supporting all our clients are the Client Teams. Composed of 20 to 25 experienced professionals, each team comes together once a week to discuss client projects, new trends in their disciplines and generally have a good catch up over a coffee. For these team days, a Cubo office makes the perfect base for face-to-face collaboration.


Do we offer anything you have not seen anywhere else?

What really appealed about Cubo is the community spirit. After Covid, it’s becoming more and more difficult to get that in the workspace, so having regular events, a chat over a fresh cup of coffee, or a cheeky half from the Cubo beer pump is a real benefit.

Published 19th May