1. Set clear goals & intentions

It may sound obvious that the first step to achieving your goals is to write them down but defining what it is you want to achieve is the first step in manifesting. Have a clear understanding of what you want to work towards. A useful way to achieve this can be through setting SMART goals. This ensures they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and have a timescale. Defining how you will achieve them is also a key step, setting smaller targets that add up to that big goal. Write down your goal, how you will achieve it, when you will be there and why you want to do it.

2. Follow your gut feeling

If a certain decision is leading you down the wrong path and you feel it is not right, then listen to that feeling and take a step back. Always refer back to your goal and what it is you are trying to do. That is why the details you write down in step one are so important – they keep the goal real and give it some gravity so you can always keep going in the right direction. However, if an opportunity comes up that you had not planned for, then take that opportunity as long as it will benefit your goals. It’s good to take educated risks, as they encourage progress.

3. Keep a positive mindset & be open

Allow others factors and life events to happen, even use them to your advantage, but do not let them change your end goal. Good things can come from bad situations and keeping an open mind is often the best form of progress. If challenges are presented, a little trick is to ask yourself these questions:
Will this contribute to my goal?
Does this fit with my plan?
What will happen if I wait and think about it?
What will happen if I do nothing?

4. Don’t get discouraged when there is a bump in the road

You would expect there to be bumps along the way, but often you don’t know how close you are to the finish point until you give up. Out of the hardship there will always be encouragement – it makes the end goal so worthwhile and you feel like you have earned it. So, keep going and utilise the resources around you for support or inspiration when you are not sure which path to take. Sometimes the best thing to do is to ride it out – if your decisions are well-informed and your goals are reasonable and achievable then only time will tell before they become a reality.

5. Make a list of your achievements each week & what you are grateful for

Sometimes the hardest part about achieving your goal is to forget about where it is you have come from or started. The little things really do matter and noting these things down will help you in the process. For some people, achieving what they have always wanted does not quite seem like they imagined it at the start. Keeping grounded in this way by always be aware of where you are will help the goal seem all the more worthwhile. Reminding yourself of the things you have achieved along the way will be great to look back on in the future too. Keeping a journal or a diary is a good form of reflection.

6. Keep that image of where you want to be in your mind with each new day

Just knowing that you have the power to shape your life is the biggest hurdle. The key to manifesting your goals is to always refer back to the master plan. Things change and your thoughts, ideas and processes may have changed too, but your end goal will still be there ready for you when you need reminding of this. The law of attraction works by you attracting what you put out into the world. Meaning the more you actively go out of your way to make a positive change, the more positives will come your way.