At Cubo, our ethos is all about making a fun, creative and enjoyable working environment for all. With 89% of British workers believing that flexible working boosts their productivity – it’s no surprise that if small businesses want to grow, they need to provide a flexible and collaborative working environment for employees.

One of our first tenants – an ethical, biological and refillable cleaning products manufacturer called Clean Living – found that working in the right environment has made a huge improvement to the business and its productivity levels. 

Helen Bee, director and CEO of Clean Living, explains how working from Cubo has revolutionised her business and why co-working spaces are so important to small businesses:

“We originally heard about Cubo in October 2019 and signed up before the Derby office had even launched. Finding great co-working space within Derbyshire has been something we have really struggled with in the past. Before we moved to Cubo, I was hot-desking from another co-working space and working from home and both environments not only left me feeling lonely and isolated, but also uninspired and demotivated. 

“When searching for a co-working space that could meet our needs, it became clear to us that the city was crying out for modern, grade A quality office space with a strong sense of community. As soon as a friend pointed us in the direction of Cubo, it became clear this was the answer to what Derby was missing.”

With studies showing that between 75% and 90% of co-workers feel more engaged, motivated and less lonely while working from a co-working space, the impact that the right environment has on an employee’s wellbeing and productivity levels is clear. 

Helen continued: “A great working environment is key for anyone thinking of starting a business or becoming self-employed. Working by yourself can be very isolating, even if you work from a coffee shop there’s only so much caffeine you can drink before you outstay your welcome or it starts becoming very expensive. Being able to work from the Cubo office has enabled me to distinguish a clear line between work and home, allowing me to fully switch off and relax during my downtime.

“Moving into Cubo has proved very beneficial not just for our business, but also my mental health. I’ve got my get-up-and-go back and I now look forward to going into work every day. I’m feeling very motivated and my focus and enthusiasm has improved dramatically.”

The benefits of co-working spaces don’t just stop at inspired employees, a modern working space and unlimited free drinks – one of the biggest benefits a co-working space can offer small businesses and self-employed people is providing a ready-made network of like-minded professionals. 

Helen said: “Cubo has given us so many more avenues for business and a fantastic local network made up of people who support each other, provide advice and act as a sounding board. It’s great to be working alongside a range of different businesses who specialise in a variety of areas, there’s always someone who we can turn to ask a question or get a different perspective. This kind of network adds real value to small business owners like me.

“We feel really invested in Cubo and the whole community has a family feel – I am encouraging everyone I know to visit Cubo and bring my clients into the office whenever I can. The Cubo team go the extra mile, everything is thought of and you can always trust that the office will be clean, tidy and look presentable at any time of day. 

“It is fantastic to see Cubo joining the Derby business community and providing such a valuable asset to small businesses across the city, something that was needed within the community. We can’t wait to see the brand expand further and continue to connect businesses across the Midlands.”