Here are our thoughts on why you should consider co-working at Cubo as your next strategic move:

Cubo offers vast amounts of co-working space, hot desking, designated desks and also private offices, where the tenants will enjoy many perks such as the free coffee from the in-house barista. As businesses are constantly moving to keep up with fresh competition, the way in which we work should also be considered.

1. Community
Surround yourself with motivated individuals like yourselves! We all want to feel part of a community in some way or another, whether through our weekend social groups or our neighbours we live among. Building relationships with likeminded people offers huge benefits to work as well. Co-working encourages a network of business brains all under the same roof, with endless opportunities to offer support and growth.

2. Productivity
Combining the benefits of working from home but in a distraction free environment – in the current world, working from home is becoming more and more common, but the stresses and distractions that come alongside this can hinder productivity and your ability to get work done. After spending some time in a co-working environment, the difference is apparent. Happiness has a direct correlation to productivity and when your office space is taken care of you, can focus on what you do best.

3. Adaptability
Your environment should change as you and your needs do. That is why here at Cubo we support growing businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers and more by adapting the space you need. We can provide a crucial path for the growth of your business.

Office spaces can be anything from a single hot desk to an entire office floor, we work with you and alongside you to support your business goals.  You can also mix our memberships; maybe you have permanent staff that would work in a private office and also temporary staff that would only require a hot desk membership.

4. Modern Environment
Who would not want to work in a beautiful office space. Natural light, fully serviced office with an abundance of creative minds all under the same roof. Investing into an office space where you feel motivated is money well spent.

5. Locations
Our offices are right in the heart of the city, so there is no need to spend huge amounts on premises costs, just use our fully serviced offices with the flexibility you need. Perfect for if you live out of the city and need a meeting point.

6. Flexibility
Our offices are open 24/7 and you can have access whenever suits you. Work from home is now becoming the new norm, but people still crave that social interaction and see the value in it, therefore, the new normal will be increased flexibility. We also offer memberships with cancelation policies as little as 30 days.

7. Technology
We only use the best technical equipment to ensure all our members are kept safe, entertained and connected – our network, security and access control systems are all industry leading products from Cisco Meraki, Paxton and Bose. We have first class printers, scanners and photocopiers and our internet speed is an impressive 1gig (at every site).

Discover what our Cubo co-working offices have to offer and get in touch.


Published 12th January 2021