People trust reviews, it makes a profound impression on their decisions.

Much as you would tell your friends about the great new restaurant you tried at the weekend; businesses also benefit from you sharing your positive experience.

Nowadays people are looking for not just a great product but a great experience. Online competition is becoming fiercer in this digital age and so your reviews really do make all the difference when shoppers are deciding where to go.

Local businesses especially benefit from you sharing your feedback as a member of the local community. It allows their website to be seen by more searches, appear on local listings and grow.

It costs nothing to leave a review and you do not even have to create an account, it simply provides the business with an amazing amount of support for free. Just search the company in Google along with their location and add your thoughts.

You might also be helping someone like yourself out by sharing your feedback. People are always on the look out for great places to try and you might be able to recommend something they have been looking for!

So, next time you have a great experience somewhere think about giving them a review on Google.

Published 20th January 2021