Cubo is a new concept providing private office space, co-working space with hot desks, designated desks and meeting rooms and is defining the future of flexible working.

The prospect of working from home became the norm for most businesses throughout 2020; a shift in the way we work had to happen. Most office premises are left empty and the once busy networking caf├ęs have their shutters down, meaning we all need to adapt our daily lives. Here is our take on what the world of work may look like from now on.

Working from home has its benefits. We can see our family more, avoid the rush hour commute and save money on takeaway lunches. However, the negative effects of working from home long term are becoming apparent. Mental health is a real concern due to limited social interactions and the missed feeling of being amongst your colleagues (as much as the break was nice for a while!). Most importantly though, work responsibilities simply cannot be carried out long term without the division between home and work life. For so long now, experts and entrepreneurs have been addressing the fact that a work life balance is essential. So just because you are working where you are also living, does not mean the problems are automatically solved.

It takes real dedication and hard work to create a structured work routine at home whilst the dishwasher and children are demanding your attention. The difficulties of working from home do not end there either, with negotiating major business deals over video calls with kids running around in the background for example is not going to make the best impression on future relationships. Work and home life should be supporting one another.

Staying safe is the main priority. Office managers and business owners now have a better understanding of what is needed to create a healthy work environment for both physical and mental health. Encouraging creativity and hard work brings around more ideas from employees. That is not to say that a relaxed business environment means you can take things easy and go out for a 3-hour coffee break whilst the emails are rolling in, but it does allow the
working week to be adaptable. Provided the hard work is put in to drive the business forward, anything in between is what you see fits.

Tom Breese the Founding Director of Ventula Consulting has increased productivity through flexible working. ‘Like many companies, Ventula moved to a remote working model in 2020 which is something we would never have
done before. We previously worked out of our Central London office for 5 days a week and didn’t consider the benefits of a more flexible approach, both for our staff and the organisation as a whole. In the future we will be
maintaining this flexibility and using spaces such as those offered by Cubo to bring our teams together as and when needed, putting the focus on productivity rather than a necessity to commute to a single office location every day’.

Here at Cubo we offer flexible co-working spaces such as hot desks and designated desks, with memberships as little as 30 days. We also offer private offices. Businesses can mix the two, and have hot desk membership and private office membership if they so wish. We also provide meeting rooms, coffee and other perks all included in the package.

Published 25th January 2021