Member Spotlight: Vanguard Mortgage Solutions

An interview with our latest members to join Cubo Nottingham.

Who are the people behind Vanguard Mortgage Solutions? Tell us a little something about yourselves.

Vanguard Mortgage Solutions is headed up by their most experienced Mortgage and Protection adviser, Keiran Dunne, with Edward Frizell-Shackley and Conor Markham working alongside him as Mortgage and Protection Advisers. As a team, Keiran, Ed and Conor are extremely passionate about providing bespoke mortgage and protection advice to individuals in the UK. Building long lasting relationships with clients is extremely important to all 3 advisers, hence them putting the client at the heart of everything they do. Excellent client feedback via google reviews and Facebook demonstrates these advisers communicate effectively and that they can be trusted to provide clear and concise jargon-free advice.

We all have hobbies and interests outside of work and these 3 are no different. Keiran is a proud supporter of Nottinghamshire sports teams and can often be found watching Notts County FC, Nottinghamshire Cricket Club and Nottingham Panthers. He also loves family days out with his fiancé, their son and their dog. As a keen music fan, record collector and amateur guitarist, Ed can often be found at record fairs and charity shops, looking for the latest addition to his collection. He also loves spending as much time as possible with his partner and their son. Conor spends most of his time mixing with others, especially as family and friends are incredibly important to him. If he isn’t renovating his house or spending time with his fiancé, you’ll also find him watching or participating in sporting events, or out walking in the local countryside.

What would say about your experience joining Cubo?

Joining Cubo was a much simpler process than we expected. We’ve never had an office premises before, so we wanted to conduct thorough research before deciding on the place best suited to our circumstances. From the beginning, Mel and Charlotte blew us away with their customer service. The building is impressive enough with it being clean, modern, and situated in an excellent location. Add this to the welcoming reception and the opportunity to network with local businesses and it was a no brainer for us to dive in and join the community.

What’s would you say is your favourite feature of the all-inclusive Cubo membership?

For me, it has to be the flexibility. Our people are our most important asset and I’m a firm believer that a happy work force will always offer a fantastic customer service. Like most firms, we’ve become accustomed to working from home during the last couple of years. Although this has It’s benefits, it can also be a lonely place. Having an office in Cubo allows us to offer our staff a hybrid approach, where they can choose to work from home or come into the office. We feel the balance is perfect. When we’re in Cubo, we can work from our private office if we need peace and quiet, or we can hot desk on the top floor if we want to feel the buzz from the rest of the community. We’re also a huge fan of the networking events.

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

We’d like to have an established brand and be the ‘go to’ business for mortgage and protection advice across the East Midlands. Naturally, we’d like to see our planned expansion plans come to fruition and have a larger team of people working for us. All being well, we’ll have multiple offices within the Cubo sites.


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Published 17th August 2022