Q & A with Joe Wicks CEO of NuBreed Hotels

Joe Wicks, CEO of NuBreed Hotels, recently signed for a private office at Cubo Sheffield, and was kind enough to answer a few questions, here are his thoughts:

Q: What is your business name and what is it that you do?

A: NuBreed Hotels – we provide event organisers with a hotel booking platform that consolidates 1.3m hotels onto one, easy to use booking engine. By joining our affiliate program, they receive a commission for every successful booking, giving them a vital new revenue stream. The platform is embedded into any website with just a few lines of code.

Q: Who are your clients or target audience?

A: Our affiliate clients are event organisers, ticketing platforms and event venues. The end customers are business and consumer event attendees.

Q: When and why the move to Cubo?

A: We are opening our customer success and customer support hub in Sheffield and Cubo gives us the flexibility to scale our team and office footprint quickly.

Q: What are your goals whilst at Cubo?

A: We anticipate 10x growth over the near-term as we launch our proprietary software this November. Ultimately, we forecast 150-200 staff based in our Sheffield hub, expanding our office needs as we grow.

Q: How will this move affect your business?

A: Our business model is a symbiosis of cutting-edge technology and elite customer service. By having an office in Sheffield, we will gain access to an excellent pipeline of experienced customer success and support staff from the events, hospitality, and travel industries.

Q: Have you been impacted by any recent economic changes?

A: Like all companies focused on the travel and events industry we were majorly impacted by the pandemic, with 100% of our business postponed for over a year. However, throughout this time we have managed to raise significant capital which we will deploy swiftly on new talent and technology ready for the inevitable bounce-back which we anticipate around Q4, 2021.

Q: Why did you choose an office with Cubo?

A: Flexibility, location, and staff engagement. We reward staff where possible and having a great space to work from is important for us at NuBreed Hotels.

Q: Do we offer anything you have not seen anywhere else?

A: The rooftop bar is a great addition to the overall opportunity. We will host weekly all-hands meetings there for better staff engagement.

Q: Why did you choose to relocate to Sheffield? Whether this move is part of an expansion or just a relocation.

A: Sheffield is our Customer Service and success hub. Our sales and marketing are based in London.

If you are interested in starting your own Cubo journey then get in touch, [email protected] or visit our contact page.

Published 28th April 2021