Sustainability at Cubo – what we do to reduce our carbon footprint

At Cubo we have a strong emphasis on using only the materials we need to provide you with a safe and secure place to work.

Many companies and individuals are switching to more sustainable practices such as reducing their single use plastic waste and encouraging greener ways to travel. We believe adopting a sustainable business profile should also include the workspace you work from and connecting the conscious individual with this workspace platform is our duty. The Cubo way of working.

At Cubo we have a strong emphasis on using only the materials we need to provide you with a safe and secure place to work.

Reusable mugs are our key driver in reducing single use coffee cups from the cycle. Reducing the use of single use coffee cups and food containers drastically reduces the amount of waste going to landfill. Companies could argue that they have adopted a policy of only using biodegradable coffee cups to reduce their impact, which is great – but our aim is to reduce the unnecessary use of materials that can be avoided within our spaces.

All our sites are fitted with Virgin Water Machines delivering pure filtered water with a sustainable conscience. Further reducing the need to plastic bottled water, we provide water machines and metal tumblers for members to use. Virgin Water Machines have built in energy saving modes that use water in the most sustainable way.

Franke Coffee Machines are installed at all our sites to provide members with fresh barista drinks throughout their day. Our machines use only sustainable and Fairtrade coffee beans and reduce the need to boil a kettle throughout the day which is one of the highest energy consuming appliances.

Each private office space and kitchen area have a recycle bin to promote recycling. We also encourage members to go paperless by not having printers in their offices, but for those who still need a printer machine we provide a space for this which also allows for scanning.

We believe starting small is the best way to go in encouraging changes to become more sustainable and kinder to the environment. We encourage our members to use public transport to get to work at Cubo, and we make this easier by being positioned in city centres where there is plenty of transport options along with bike storage for those who cycle to work. We also use sustainable lighting in our sites through the use of sensor lights that turn off when not in use, meaning we can conserve energy.

Our Cubo sites also feature real indoor plants to improve air quality as they absorb airborne pollutants in the air. Having the colour green in an office also benefits those working to make the space more comfortable and inviting. Green plants are not just important to the human environment, they form the basis for the sustainability and long-term health of environmental systems. Green plants remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and generate the oxygen required for life.

Conserving human energy is also an important factor in sustainable working. This may not be an idea that readily comes to mind when considering environmental practices, but the wellbeing of your people is crucial to the healthy habits of your organisation. Mindfulness is just as important. Consider that sustaining healthy and energetic employees will be beneficial to your company’s overall productivity. At Cubo we provide free fruit to aid employees in making healthy choices. Helping to keep your team happy and energised is achieved by establishing a safe, non-toxic environment at all times. It can start by providing sustainable and nutritious options, such as fruit.

How does co-working reduce your environmental impact?

Co-working spaces pose huge potential for offering sustainable practices companies can adopt in a sharing-orientated workspace.

On the basis of electricity usages, a co-working environment has been seen to drastically reduce the amount of electricity used by a single worker in a day. Our spaces allow these costs to the environment to be share through all being under one roof. Shared utilities and energy offer a sustainable workspace for members – saving you money on energy bills and office furniture.

Our city located Cubo sites support the local economy through encouraging local business partnerships and spending. We also encourage sustainable transport options including biking to work with our bike storage and co-working has a greater capacity to car share with fellow co-workers and colleagues.

How can I benefit?

Use the space you need and nothing more! Flexible memberships in the form of hot desks or designated desks allow you to access the workspace at any time of the day so you can avoid rush hour and work when suits you best.

Uniting you with the tools to support ethical working practices alongside a sustainable and productive working lifestyle will become a long-term strategy to success. Not only in your personal drive to be kinder to the environment but by developing your working practices it will become second nature.

Building key partnerships in a sustainable way through our networking events and opportunities is also a great benefit of a co-working environment. We provide the foundation. Hybrid working options at Cubo are fast and easy to set up. We have hot desk memberships, designated desks and private offices meaning workers can come into an office environment when it suits them.

How can large companies benefit?

We are seeing a rapid increase in the development of large companies who are now turning to flexible workspace for their employees. Flexible working gives these companies an outlet to encourage sustainable working and employee wellbeing through a supportive platform that is accessible to all their staff.

Flexible workspaces offer the same benefits of a traditional office but take into consideration the now sustainable practice of hybrid working – allowing staff to work flexibility in the office as they transition away from working from home full time. However, this is not merely a transitional process, it is indeed now the future of modern working. Remote working practices have taught us the importance of understanding workers needs and offering flexible options to support their productivity and engagement within larger companies, and flexible office spaces are the backbone.

In terms of costs, large companies and organisations can benefit from day one. Getting their office spaces up and running is a fraction of the cost of renting a whole building or entering a long service agreement of a traditional office space. Flexible working allows them to use exactly the right amount of office space they need and can be amended at short notice as the company grows. Cubo has a range of Studio Offices available to suit individual business needs.


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Published 6th April 2022