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The doors are open at Cubo Edinburgh!

In July 2023, Cubo opened its first centre north of the border and Edinburgh was the city of choice.

As the saying goes, ‘location, location, location’ and Cubo Edinburgh definitely delivers on that score. Situated in a landmark building on the prestigious Princes Street, the workspace is a mere stone’s throw from Edinburgh Waverley train station and public transport links. Expansive windows bathe the space in natural light, and the views across Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh Castle and Arthur’s Seat are a sight to behold. With prime retail and restaurants on the doorstep, Cubo Edinburgh is soon to be the most sought-after flexi working location in the Scottish capital.

Let’s meet the team who will be delivering the key Cubo experience to the site’s new members.

James White - Centre Manager
James White - Centre Manager

So James, what attracted you to Cubo?

It felt like something that was new. From the job description alone, it felt like it had good culture and good values. Not to mention that Cubo is one of the fastest-growing companies within an industry that equally on the rise; there's a lot of growth. As we know, the working world is changing, and I feel like Cubo is tapping into that zeitgeist.

Where were you working before?

Funny story! Once upon a time I took a temp job with H&M as a call handler, and found I really enjoyed the company culture, so much so that - 11 years later - I was still there! By this point I was Office Manager at their big Customer Service Centre, a role that I really relished.

Cubo must feel quite different!

Yeah, it really is, a totally different ballgame. H&M was such a huge organisation, it was very structured, very process driven. I love Cubo’s more bespoke feel, it makes me believe that I will be able to make a real difference here.

What do you think sets Cubo apart from other flex workspace providers?

It’s the cultural offering that sets differentiates Cubo. It’s not soulless and corporate, it's a bit more family affair; friendly faces and an inclusive, welcoming environment.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role as Centre Manager?

I think ‘customer service’ is sometimes a term bandied around and taken for granted, but it’s a skill in its own right. I want to bring my skillset to Cubo and create an atmosphere that people want to come to work in, because they feel very welcome, taken care of and that nothing is too much trouble.

It’s all about the people, isn’t it?

Absolutely, and to that end, I want my team to enjoy themselves here, because how could anyone be expected to create a wonderful workplace experience for members if they didn't truly love their own workplace?

What brand or company would you most like to join Cubo Edinburgh as members?

Patagonia, for sure. Not only do I love their product, but their values really set the benchmark for what big brands should be aiming for these days. Their focus on sustainability, their support – both in term of financial contributions and awareness – for environmental issues and their other charitable initiatives really are exemplary.  

Nelson Atiga - Assistant Centre Manager

How long have you lived in Edinburgh, Nelson?

I’m originally from Auckland, New Zealand, but my wife and I relocated and now live in Edinburgh. I’ve actually lived here before, back in 2019, but I went home just before the pandemic them moved back here three months ago.

How have your first few weeks been in your new role?

It was more of a building site than an office when I joined Cubo a few weeks ago, so seeing it evolve, and playing a part in creating this amazing space has been a really rewarding experience.

How would you describe the company vibe?

There’s a casualness to Cubo, an informality, that is so rare in company culture. The relationships, the way we communicate with each other, it feels more like a family than a corporate entity.

Everyone is encouraged and motivated by their colleagues, and that inspires such loyalty towards the company that everyone wants to pull together and perform to the best of their ability.    

What attracted you to this position with Cubo?

I like people, and being in a member-facing role is what gets me out of bed in the morning, where my passion lies. I'm excited by the thought of being around people from all different walks of life, backgrounds and nationalities, especially as I’m not from the UK myself.  

So, what do the next few months look like for you?  

It’s such early days, my priorities for the moment are to get the office up and running, make sure it meets our standards for how we want it to function. Building a good relationship with my co-workers and the members is high on my list, because people are everything here at Cubo.

Nicky Abernathy - Barista

What drew you to working for Cubo, Nicky?

To be honest, I knew little about Cubo until I saw the job advertisement, but it grabbed my attention and the role sounded ideal. I think it conveyed the friendly nature of the company and the ethos of teamwork.

Has the job lived up to that so far?

Absolutely – I feel like I’m combining my social life with my work life when I come to work. It’s such a friendly environment, and it feels to me like the balance of work life and social life is right here.

Sounds like you’re making the role your own!

I think so – it definitely helped that the first few weeks involved getting the space set up before we officially opened the doors. We put the furniture together, we set up the kitchens, there’s nothing we didn’t turn our hands to. It’s nice than I can look around now and think “I built that”. Also, there’s no teambuilding exercise in the whole world like battling with screwdrivers and allen keys!

Having so many people from across the business - whether it was Ops, IT or fellow centre team members - come to help us was amazing. They were so helpful, and it was lovely to have the chance to get to meet so many colleagues.

What do you think makes Cubo Edinburgh so special?

First and foremost, we have a great team here. We all genuinely love our jobs, and I think that comes across to members. Secondly, this location is unbeatable. It’s so easy to get to, and you’re spoilt for choice with the shops, restaurants and bars around here – there really is something for everyone. Of course the view from the office must get a mention too! I don’t know where else you’d be able to look out of your office window and see down to Princes Street Gardens and the river, then glance into the distance and there’s Arthur’s Seat to the left and Edinburgh Castle to the right. It’s spectacular.

As you’re Cubo Edinburgh’s in-house barista, I have to ask - how do you take your coffee?

Strong flat white – nice and simple! I don’t like to wait unnecessarily for my coffee, especially if it’s the first one of the day – no frills, just give me my coffee please!

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