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The Importance of Social Interaction in the Workplace


As with many job roles over the last two years our working lifestyle has been impacted. Now, as the work from home guidance has been dropped employees and employers are stuck in limbo on what the next step might be. We know how crucial it is to get back to that sense of normality but what will the new normal look like?


A hybrid working model seems like the best next step for some businesses in many office-based industries. Cubo and our co-working centred approach is a great tool to enable businesses to adopt this approach. Indeed, we are here on hand to provide office space to growing businesses of all types wanted to get back into the world of work, but we do so much more than that! We are the friendly face you greet as you walk in the door, the conversation you need over a morning coffee and the hour off from the stresses of the day to join in whatever social events we put on. Our sites are the modern-day necessity of the commuter.


A co-working environment at Cubo supports businesses and colleagues to get back into an office environment by bringing the needs and wants of the modern worker together in one place. Hybrid working, flexible working or office working all comes together in one place, so businesses have the tools to support their workers. Take advantage of our free weekly events for all members for a chance to network as a team and meet our other businesses. A great way to make connection with those under the same roof.


A key component of managing a successful business is balancing work commitments and life commitments. Flexible working is supported at Cubo through our 24/7 secure access and ability to support teams and businesses in their office space design.

Our 6 Tips for a Better Work Life Balance


Private Offices are ready to move in when you are – complete with desks, chairs, and pedestals. All private offices are lockable too. A private office allows you to enjoy all amenities and communal spaces. You can impress your clients by having meetings in our spaces or by booking one of our meeting rooms. Our reception will greet your clients and make sure they are looked after.

We can offer you a Cubo Studio if you require more than a private office – a whole floor (or a large section of a floor) entirely for your company. We can provide you with desks, chairs and pedestals or you can furnish yourself. It’s your space to do with what you like! Studio Spaces mean you will benefit by having your own private address, additional privacy and security options are also available. Being in a Cubo building also gives you and your staff access to all of our building’s amenities and extras, and the availability to be able to use our other Cubo sites.

Hot Desk are a great advantage for small businesses and freelancers, or entrepreneurs on the move. Our communal working spaces give you excellent amenities, and a wonderful, creative environment to work from while giving you the opportunity to mix with other businesses.

Designated Desks allow you to enjoy all amenities and communal spaces. You can impress your clients by having meetings in our spaces or by booking one of our meeting rooms and also take advantage of our free daily events which we hold at all of our centres. Or a combination of different memberships is also available!


Allowing workers to benefit from in person interactions rather than completely remote improves team morale and creates a sense of connection. Cubo office spaces can be used for team meetings, collaborative office days or as a hub for the business to operate from.


Teamwork is supported here at Cubo with our specifically designed co-working areas to allow teams a collaborative breakout area and productive environment to focus. Each Cubo site has been individually designed so you can feel at home which ever site you visit.


Communication is the most important part of any business. Co-working is a great way to ensure colleagues get the in-person connection they need to thrive in a business setting. Our office spaces can be tailored to suit your business needs and have a huge potential for any business looking to expand.


Culture is created from the people. It drives businesses forward and creates the ethos of a workplace. The culture at Cubo is so important for a hot desking environment. Creating a productive, safe, positive, and collaborative working environment stems from the people. Friendly staff, likeminded individuals and businesses all working collaboratively – it really is a space you want to be a part of.

Rethinking your workspace?

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