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If you want office space, but don’t want to use your valuable time managing an office, then a private office at Cubo is the perfect solution!

Renting a private office at Cubo provides businesses with a space to call their own.

Your business will benefit from a secure workspace in a private setting, but with all the fantastic services and facilities that Cubo has to offer!

Our private office spaces are suitable for all types of businesses, whether you’re a new start-up, have decided to relocate from home, or upscale your company.

And did you know that if you occupy a private office at Cubo, you can utilise the facilities at other Cubo sites across the country at no additional cost?

What is a private office space?

A private office space is located within a shared office facility, but is exclusively rented to one business.

It’s a cost-effective workspace solution because you simply pay for the space you need, but have access to our additional amenities, including internet, access to shared meeting rooms and other communal areas.

Private offices are a great choice for business owners who need more autonomy over their space, or if they need to store personal information regarding the business or customers.

Why take a private office at Cubo?


You might think there are lots of additional costs associated with taking a private office, but at Cubo, that’s not the case.

Take a private office at Cubo and you will receive an all inclusive membership so you don’t have to worry about hidden costs.

Our private offices are furnished with desks, chairs and pedestals and you can enjoy all our amenities and communal spaces at no additional cost.

Our front of house team will greet your clients and take care of your mail. Your office will be cleaned too. All you need to do is focus on running your business!  


Cubo offers the most desirable accommodation available in the cities where it has a presence, enabling businesses to take space within a building that would otherwise not be available to them.


You can take an office with a minimum contract term of six months, up to three years. You can also upsize your office or add on other memberships at any time.


All businesses at Cubo benefit from our full range of services and facilities, including internet access, the use of meeting rooms, private areas, large communal spaces and kitchens, along with gyms, chill-out rooms, on-site cafés with complimentary drinks and snacks.


Privacy is one of the biggest benefits of having a private office. Only you and your team will have access to the office, which will serve as a safe space for your business.

You have complete control over the space, its appearance and how it functions. You don’t have to worry about moving other people’s belongings like you would in a hot desking or open coworking space. All our private offices are lockable too!


Some people find it difficult to focus in a shared environment.

Cubo private offices provide the perfect environment for your team to concentrate on the task in hand with minimal distractions.  

This can increases focus and promote productivity and creativity.


Even though you might opt for a private office, there are still plenty of opportunities to be part of the Cubo community.

Businesses taking private offices at Cubo still have access to our communal areas, which provides a great chance to network and build relationships with fellow Cubo members.

You’ll also be invited to the different networking events that take place at each site


Going back to working in the office has been difficult since the pandemic, but a private office helps bring remote employees back to the office while still maintaining the privacy of working in your own space.

Additionally, a private office removes the inconveniences and technical difficulties when it

comes to working from home. The quality of Zoom calls is dependent on internet connectivity and bad connection has been known to delay and disrupt important meetings over time.

A move into a new but private environment is a great starting point for businesses post pandemic.

To find out more about private offices at Cubo, call 0800 038 9797 or email

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