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Why Employee Experience In The Workplace Really Matters

The pandemic challenged the traditional idea of the office, allowing staff to work more flexibly, but supporting a more collaborative workplace environment centred around the needs of the worker when they do visit the office. 

Along with encouraging employees back to the office, business owners are now looking for ways to attract and retain a wider talent pool – and this depends largely on the quality of the workplace experience for staff.

A positive employee experience benefits both the employee and employer in a number of ways, including improving staff well-being, fostering creativity and improving productivity through collaboration. 

The unique working environment created at Cubo enables our members to offer the best possible workplace experience.

What is the employee experience?

The employee experience can be described as the sum of technology, culture, and workplace. This is often made up of the interactions your employees have at work, the technology they use, the people they work with and the environment they work in. 

When a business owner invests in their employee experience, they are making employees happy and confident and creating a positive employee experience which drives business success. 

Organisations that practice employee wellbeing will reap the rewards of a passionate, valuable, and skilled workforce. 

What are the benefits of a positive employee experience? 

Helps attract and retain talent.

Establishing a positive employee experience in the workplace can have a significant impact on attracting and retaining top-quality talent.

Increases productivity. 

It has been proven that if your employees are engaged, stimulated and enthusiastic about coming into work, their productivity will increase. According to a recent Oxford study, happier employees are 13% more productive!

Employee wellbeing 

Businesses need to create a supportive environment that stimulates, educates, and prioritizes employee wellbeing. Implementing mental health and wellbeing strategies will lead to a happier, more productive workforce and your business will reap the rewards too!

How does Cubo help improve the workplace experience?



Members can access our spaces 24 hours a day/7 days a week. We offer secure access and 24-hour CCTV, so whether you’re working to a tight deadline, or just want to catch up on some paperwork, you can access your office space whenever suits you best.


All businesses at Cubo benefit from our full range of services, including cleaning, along with superspeed internet connectivity and the latest technology. We also offer state-of-the-art phone booths, private meeting rooms, private areas, kitchens and toilets, along with gyms, chill-out rooms and on-site cafes with free barista services. 


Cubo spaces are based across the Midlands and Yorkshire, with more sites set to come on stream shortly. Cubo occupies the best Grade A office space in each location, close to all major transport networks.


When you join any Cubo workspace, you’ll have access to all our sites. When you choose to work from another Cubo site, you’ll get all the same member benefits that you get from your host Cubo – including meeting rooms, large communal spaces, private areas, chill-out areas, kitchens and a free barista service. 


Here a Cubo we support teamwork and collaboration with our variety of dedicated co-working areas and meeting rooms.


All our sites have a manned reception from 8am-5pm every weekday, along with our baristas who serve fresh coffee, hot chocolate, and tea every weekday until 1pm. We also have beer on tap.


Cubo members can take advantage of our free weekly networking and social events. Events are sponsored regularly by local businesses, who provide Cubo members with free food, drinks and discounts on their products and services.

Our events give members a chance to network as a team and connect with other like-minded businesses.

Cubo has all the services and facilities you need to create a positive employee experience and drive success for your business. To find out more, call us or email us and we’ll get back to you!

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