Cubo Studios

Cubo Studios

We can offer you a Cubo Studio if you require more than a private office – a whole floor (or a large section of a floor) entirely for your company. We can provide you with desks, chairs and pedestals or you can furnish yourself. It’s your space to do with what you like!

The Benefits of a Cubo Studio:

You will benefit by having your own private address, additional privacy and security options are also available. Being in a Cubo building also gives you and your staff access to all of our building’s amenities and extras, and the availability to be able to use our other Cubo sites.

Many offices have become mundane, definitely not a place for ideas and creativity. People are seeking new ways of working, new ways to connect and new ways to enjoy working which is what we provide. Attract and retain the best staff by providing them with a comfortable and fun working environment that we provide at Cubo.

Studio member testimonial:
Lee Jepson, Director of LEAD IT “Supporting schools has been our upmost priority during the lockdown in the UK. We work with pride, and value our input in the continued learning of our younger generation, we couldn’t have built hundreds of laptops without the space provided by Cubo, they have been a great support to our business during this time, we are glad we made the move to Cubo in Derby and are ecstatic that we could so easily grow as a business and expand our office space.”

To speak to a member of our team to discuss a Cubo Studio further, please call 01332 977 700.

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Building access 24/7
Alcoholic beverages (inc. draft)
Bike Storage
Cleaners daily
Speciality tea/roasted coffee
Unique common areas
Community managers
Secure, Super-fast internet
Mail & package handling
Networking events
Office supplies
Private phone booths
Business-class printers
Front reception service
Work & social events
Fruit water stations

Get in touch to book or enquire

0800 038 97 97 [email protected]